Café Grundeinkommen
is Basic Income in the real world!
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We promote Basic Income through our robinhood app south africa cooperatively owned café, serving as a community hub
for the local UBI movement and implementing techno-social projects based on fair economic ideals.

Promoting Basic Income

Bringing the abstract into reality: a physical space gives Basic Income concepts exposure and legitimacy.

Co-Operatively Owned

Co-operatively owned and operated. Co-op members vote on important matters, propose projects, and recieve benefits.


All profits are re-invested into the cafe or pledged to community projects concerning Basic Income and social progress.

Community Hub

A HQ and cultural space for UBI in Berlin: strategic planning, concerts & events, discussions & lectures, and get-togethers.

Techno-Social Projects

A playground to explore socially progressive can i use robinhood in south africa ideas and technologies. We are a forum for Basic Income experimentation.

Globally & Locally Minded

Empowering the local community while connecting with like-minded international groups. Have a coffee and say hello!


The path to Café Grundeinkommen.

  • Dec 2015

    First Meeting of Berlin Basic Income

    In our first meetup we discussed robin hood south africa different methods to implement UBI outside of the usual political process. Martin Köppelmann presented Circles, a blockchain based complementary currency to implement UBI.

  • Mar-May 2016

    Group Formation and Structure

    Over the next few months Basic Income Berlin met to develop the group structure and direction, and heard from guest speakers on various UBI topics.

  • June 2016

    Café Grundeinkommen is born!

    Inspired by the success of the Swiss referendum campaign's usage of the Basel café 'unternehmen mitte' as their HQ, Ronit Kory presented our plans for a similar Café in Berlin.

  • Summer 2017

    Tinyhouse University

    Café Grundeinkommen's first location was in the Bauhaus Archiv Museum in Berlin as part of the Tinyhouse University project. We sold a lot of coffee for Circles, learned and taught a lot about Basic Income, and had a lot of fun! We miss you guys :)

  • Summer 2018

    On The Road

    Café Grundeinkommen is coming to a town near you! Look out for us in Wittenberg in May and Holzmarkt in Berlin later in the summer.

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The Team

Until you replace us :-)

Anne Walther


Ronit Kory

Agent Provocateur

Ed Murphy


None of these positions are permanent - no-one owns this project - If you want to get involved then please do! If you have a suggestion or a comment feel free to contact us.


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